American Eyecare Now Open inside the Jefferson County Health Center

JCHC Has Never Purchased Drugs from the Pharmacy being Recalled

100th Anniversary Cookbook is in and available in the JCHC gift shop

Dermatology Clinic now available at JCHC

Volunteers receive Governor's Award for Highway Cleanup

CEO Deb Cardin named one of Iowa's Top 100 Nurses for 2012

OB/GYN Physicians seeing patients at JCHC

Bringing Specialists to You

Deb Cardin, CEO Earns Top Healthcare Certification

Pharmacist Addresses National Drug Shortage Concerns

We're part of the Community

Arthritis. Early Treatment is Key

Dr. Jonathan Cutler now performing Cataract Surgery at Jefferson County Health Center


I survived a life threatening Heart Attack

Sometimes Thank You Just Isn't Enough

Thank You JCHC For Saving My Life

I Am So Proud of our Health Center

It Didn't Even Feel Like A Hospital

Thanks to "MY TEAM". The Health Center is Outstanding

Taking Your Child to the ER at 5:30 in the Morning is Scary

This Is Where People Get Well

I Was Stunned At What Great Care My Mother Received

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

I Have My Zest For Life Back, Thank You

It Was Like Coming Home

The Convenience of Having Treatments Done Locally

They Will Help You Get On The Road To Recovery

Dr. Ivins Gave Me My Life Back

Specialty Clinic Schedule

January Listing of Visiting Specialists

December Listing of Visiting Specialists

New Specialties Added
Dermatologist Dr. Lloyd Cleaver
OB/GYN physicians from Women's Healthcare of Washington and Henry County Health Center are now seeing patients weekly at JCHC
Rheumatolgy/Immunology with Dr. Michael Miniter
Oncology/Chemotherapy with Dr. Susan Roeder

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